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Our Executives and Stewards

[Feb 28, 2009 11:18 AM]



                             NAME                                 TITLE               CONTACT INFORMATION 
 Henri Giroux  President   
 Brent Bedard   Vice President   
 Angie Whaley  Recording Secretary   
 Cheryl Vanamburg   Recording Secretary   
 Denise Malette  Chief Steward  
 Angel Schewe   Sargent at Arms   
 Cheryl Vandermeer   Trustee #1  
 Joann Penny   Trustee #2   
 Denise Sharshin   Trustee #3  
 Brent Giroux  Steward  
 Corrine Haber  Steward  

 Web Coordinators - Moe Larochelle and Angel Schewe ( Your feedback and ideas are very important to us, click "coordinators" link below.)